Bright Tangerine – Carbon Fibre Top Flag (Misfit Kick)




Prevent light entering your lens causing flares. With extendable wings, providing complete protection from stray light. The flag can be mounted to the top or bottom of the matte box.

  • Strong & lightweight carbon fibre construction
  • Expandable wings for extra protection
  • Closes flat against matte box
  • Compatible with the Misfit Kick, VIV, VIV 5″ & Misfit

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This Carbon Fibre Flag mounts to the top or bottom of the matte box, giving you fine control over the light entering your frame.

Adding the flag is done in seconds, using the quick release mount, which also secures the flag at the desired angle and packs flat for transport, protecting the lens.

With extendable wings, you can protect your image to maintain proper contrast or let light in to add creative flares.

The flag is made from carbon fibre to reduce weight, and is coated for maximum durability.

The flag is also compatible as a bottom flag to protect from lens flares when shooting in snow or sandy conditions.


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Bright Tangerine – Carbon Fibre Top Flag (Misfit Kick)