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In addition to new goods, SiQuell Technology offers many used devices. Not to say, this is our main focus. Only a fraction of the devices we sell used end up here on the website. Because most things have already been sold or promised to a new owner before they reach us. We always give a 6 month warranty on used equipment. Nevertheless, the good quality of the used goods is extremely important to us. In order to guarantee this, we not only work together with very experienced and professional partner companies such as Pure4C, Bildton and many others. We have technicians ourselves who have years of professional experience and good training.

If you have film equipment yourself that is looking for a new owner, we offer two models. Either send us photos and sufficient information as well as a desired price and we will post the things on our website. But there is only money when the things are sold. The other model is, we take the film equipment in payment and look for someone ourselves. The advantage here is that you get your money very quickly. However, we only do this if, on the one hand, the condition has been assessed and if it is about equipment for which a fundamental need can be felt. Just contact us. We are happy.

Siquell Technology offers a variety of handcrafted cables. The range is constantly growing. We currently offer the most popular cables for Teradek, SmallHD, ARRI ALEXA Mini / AMIRA, LBUS and also for many Steadicam and Ignite Digi systems. Here, too, quality is particularly important to us. That is why we only use cables from well-known manufacturers such as LAPP Cables, which are particularly robust but still flexible. Only LEMO, Fischer, Anton Bauer or ODU are used for the connectors as well. Our cables may not be the cheapest, but they can withstand the conditions on set for a long time. But almost any configuration, whether straight or coiled cable, straight or angled connector and almost any length is possible. After the manufacturing process, all cables are tested for polarity reversal and load with a test device developed in-house. Only then can a cable leave our house. We also offer the option of adding your logo directly to the cable. This saves you any stickers that fall off after a very short time and leave behind adhesive residues. Just take a look and if you have any questions, we will be happy to help.

The variety of products on the market continues to grow. Those who do not deal with it every day tend to lose track of things. The composition of camera equipment also depends on many different factors. In addition to the camera and accessories, the planned area of ​​application, your own budget and, of course, delivery times are also important. We are well aware that you need help and good advice and are happy to offer it. Of course, we don’t know everything and we don’t know all of the products. Nevertheless, thanks to our many years of experience in the rental sector and our technical understanding, we were able to help many customers to make the right purchase decision. The longstanding loyalty and loyalty of our customers confirms this again and again.
We are reluctant to show our customers needs where there are none, just to generate a sale. No, our advice is honestly tailored to the needs of each individual customer. We like to say if you don’t need something or if we are not convinced of the quality of a product and would therefore prefer an alternative.
But we want to briefly mention one thing. Like many others, we don’t appreciate it when you get advice from us and then make the purchase elsewhere because you can get it slightly cheaper. We assume that you understand this and we regret having to mention it here at all.

Repairs happen all the time in the movie business. Whether maintenance or repairs due to damage. In everyday rental life, there is often simply not enough time to do it in-house. SiQuell offers a repair and maintenance service for this. Whether, for example, an ALEXA Mini (LF) needs to be thoroughly checked after a long shoot or small repairs need to be made, simply contact us. We can carry out many repairs on ARRI ALEXA Mini (LF) or AMIRA as well as WCU-4 in-house. If we get stuck, we work closely with numerous service companies that can fix just about any problem. To do this, we only assess the damage and pass on a dedicated error description to the service workshop, which in turn can save a lot of time and money.
Here is a small list of the things we have fixed in-house so far:
– ARRI AMIRA audio board updated
– Switched keyboards on ALEXA Classic and ARRI ALEXA Mini (LF) and Amira
– Replaced sensor protection glasses
– WCU-4 buttons renewed
– Replaced mainboard batteries
– etc.

SiQuell Technology has changed a little in the last few years and adapted to the new requirements of our customers. Due to the unbelievable variety of products, a purchase decision has become more and more difficult and you may not always be able to invest in the number of items that you need in the short term. We want to support our customers here. Therefore we have started to build up a small fleet of rental equipment which we only rent to our existing customers and mainly abroad so as not to compete with our customers here in Germany. In addition, we only rent to film equipment rental companies and never to production companies directly and only with a minimum rental period of one month. We cannot offer short-term rentals for personal reasons alone. Our rental fleet currently includes devices such as SONY Venice, ARRI ALEXA Mini, ARRI ALEXA Mini LF, ZEISS Supreme Sets, ZEISS Radiance Sets, ARRI Hi-5, ARRI WCU-4, OConnor 2560 / 2575D Fluidheads, TERADEK Bolt 4K LT Kits, ARRI LMB 4×5 Pro Sets, ARRI ALURA zooms, ARRI Signature Primes, Angenieux EZ zooms, bebob batteries and Charger and much more. The exact inventory is subject to constant fluctuation, so we ask you to contact us if you are interested and just ask. Most things are almost always on the move, so the more lead we have, the greater the chances of being able to successfully sublet with us. Our equipment is always well maintained and serviced. However, we ask for your understanding that we do not rent to new customers, as renting for us must be based on a healthy business relationship and trust.

For our general rental conditions please click here.

There are many things that can be done to make the operational safety of the film equipment more secure. Incidentally, it also extends the life of cameras, lenses and much more. In principle, we can more than warmly recommend professional training courses such as the Advanced Service Training courses at the ARRI Academy. With these training courses you learn a lot in a short time and thanks to small tips you understand the structure and the technical functionality much better. In addition, at least in the face-to-face training, you get endless questions that are answered by a professional. Nonetheless, the many years of professional experience of our employees in the rental sector has led to a collection of little things that we want to list here that can be helpful for the employee on the set or the technician in the film rental. Of course, the right tool is essential and a good technical understanding is always helpful. We would be happy to expand the collection with your information, because we have not had contact with everything so far. In other words, we are dependent on your input to make this collection bigger and more extensive and of course your feedback is always welcome.