RAM & PC-PARTS:  +49 (0)89 437597-30           MAIL: info@siquell.de

FILMEQUIPMENT:   +49 (0)89 437597-32           MAIL: cine@siquell.de

You don't always have to buy everything. Sometimes it might be better to postpone an investment decision. Therefore, SiQuell offers a long-term rental service to existing customers.
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Social projects
SiQuell also supports social projects such as the Christophorus school association. A donation made it possible to buy a much-needed van for all sorts of errands and pupils in Uganda received bicycles to go to school.
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Custom Made Cables
We offer high quality cables for a variety of film applications. A special length or your company logo on the cable is no problem for us.
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Highlights: Used Filmequipment

Used film equipment is one of the priorities of Siquell. With the large, international customer network we can serve many inquiries. Not everything we sell used, lands here on our website. But having a look is always worth it. You are welcome to contact us, maybe we find what you are looking for.