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Highlights: Used Filmequipment

Offering used film equipment is a top priority for Siquell Technology GmbH. With our extensive international customer network, we can fulfill numerous inquiries. While not all our used items are listed on our website, it’s always worthwhile to take a look. Feel free to reach out to us; perhaps we have just what you’re searching for.

Highlights: New Filmequipment

Indeed, we don’t solely offer used film equipment. Our inventory also includes new products, predominantly focusing on professional cinequipment from various manufacturers. While we may not have every tool in stock, we do carry some parts. Thus, browsing through our selection could prove beneficial.

Made by SiQuell:

We prioritize quality in everything we offer. Some items are even produced in-house or sourced from professional partner companies. For instance, we have the capability to customize cables with your logo, and certain products like the straight short pan handle, which is no longer available from Oconnor, are exclusively available through us.