SiQuell Technology GmbH was founded in 2010 by Karlheinz Attenberger. After initially mostly USB sticks and partly memory modules were sold as a one-man show, more or less from the living room, the company grew after just a few years. SiQuell Technology is now one of the largest retailers in the field of RAM in Europe. In addition to B2B customers, there is also sales via platforms such as eBay, CDiscount, Kaufland.de and many more. The number of employees has also increased and the company has swapped the living room for a company headquarter in Haar (near Munich). At the beginning of 2016, Karin Attenberger quit her job as key account and sales manager at Gecko-Cam GmbH and took on the challenge of continuing to trade in cine technology on her own under the guise of her husband’s company. This big step into self-employment would not have been possible without the outstanding support of some very loyal customers and meanwhile friends. She brought Sandra Brogl with her as active support in accounting and Thomas Frisch in the technical area. Of course, the beginnings were not easy here either, but further support was needed soon. So very soon Stefan Bayer joined the RAM department and since Thomas Frisch developed more and more into the right hand of Karlheinz Attenberger, Martin Schauderna joined the team at the beginning of 2019 as support in the cine technology area.

Today SiQuell Technology GmbH is a small but quick-witted company with two very different pillars, but which can hold their own in the respective markets.


Our Philosophy...Small but nice:

SiQuell is actually not that big. The company does not even have 10 employees in total. When it comes to cine technology, it’s just Karin, Sandra and Martin. In addition, however, there is a very good network with partner companies, without whose help a lot would not be possible. SiQuell currently has no ambitions to continue growing. This is the only way to guarantee what is important to us. A good and close customer relationship. With us, the customer shouldn’t be just any number and shouldn’t have a new contact person every time. Consistency and trust and respectful interaction are important to us. If you are always chasing the cheapest price, you will not find what you are looking for with us. Because of our small size, we are more flexible and free. We can go an extra mile when procuring products and can therefore keep our promises better than larger companies. We also live the attitude “doesn’t work, doesn’t exist” as best we can. We try to keep products in stock that are difficult to deliver, but which are often needed. And when our stock is empty, the next order has already been placed. Of course, especially in times of crisis, we are not capable of everything, but we do everything to make our customers happy.

This is generally only possible with good connections and of course a good portion of passion and enjoyment of the job and the profession. At least that’s what long-standing customers confirm to us again and again.

That’s why we don’t need to certify that we are close to Hollywood. At the moment it would definitely be a lie and exaggerations is something we don’t want. We’d rather stay realistic. Staying realistic also includes saying if we can’t get something or if we can’t fulfill the wish.


Our Customers:

Our customers are as diverse as the technology available on the market.

Rental houses, DOPs, television companies, production companies, focus pullers, film lovers, nature filmmakers and many more are part of it. And we can proudly say that they are spread over large parts of the world and all continents. But please don’t be angry with us that we don’t speak all the languages in the world. But we can speak German, English and Italian (Karin only). For starters that should hopefully be enough.