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NEW Cond.

Bright Tangerine – Misfit Kick 360 Mk II 3-Stage Swing Away Kit

NEW Cond.



Craft your image with the Misfit Kick 360 3-stage Swing Away kit. Precisely position filters with the two independent rotating stages with a complete swing away setup for faster lens changes.

This kit includes: Misfit Kick 2-Stage Core, Carbon Fibre Top Flag, expansion pack, three 4×5.65″ Filter Trays & 15mm LWS Swing Away Kit

  • Independent 360-degree rotating filter stage for use with polarisers, graduated ND & FX filters.
  • Swing away provides clear access to swap lenses & accessories
  • Compatible with 4×5.65″, 5×5″ or 5.65×65″ trays & filters
  • Offers a wide field-of-view and maximum coverage for cine-servo lenses
  • Combines with Frame Safe clamp adapters to suit a range of lenses, available in 80-143mm sizes


  • 1x (1101) Misfit Kick 360 Mk II – 2 Stage Core
  • 1x (B1245.1002) Misfit Kick 360 Expansion Pack
  • 3x (1050) 4×5.65″ Filter Tray (Misfit Kick 360)
  • 1x (1019) Swing Away Dovetail (Misfit Kick/360/Six)
  • 1x (1020) 15mm LWS Swing Away Arm (Misfit Kick & 360)
  • 1x (B1210.1019) Swing Away Core
  • 1x (1125) Carbon Fibre Top Flag (Misfit Kick & 360 Mk II)
  • 1x (1005) Carbon Fibre Side Flags (Misfit Kick & 360)

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Bright Tangerine – Misfit Kick 360 Mk II 3-Stage Swing Away Kit