SiQuell – BNC Cable Drums (12G HD-SDI) Hi-Flex


The top-of-the-line, highly flexible BNC cable is the perfect solution for professional video transmissions, especially for high-resolution 12G HDSDI signals. Manufactured from the highest quality components, it guarantees first-class signal quality and reliable data transmission over impressive distances of up to 35 metres.

The cable usually comes in a sleek black color. However, custom-made products can be made in other colors on request to meet your individual requirements. However, the desired order quantities must be coordinated.
The cable drum is made of a very stable and solid special rubber, which means that a particularly high level of stability should not be a problem, even in the event of a fall.

Thanks to its high bandwidth and excellent shielding, this BNC cable ensures interference-free transmission of high-resolution video content. Regardless of whether you work in film production, broadcasting, medical technology or other demanding applications, this cable offers you the security of constant and loss-free signal transmission.
The cable used by BELDEN has established itself as the standard for most rentals in Germany and is designed for demanding professional use.

With its high signal integrity, flexibility and durability, it is the ideal choice for demanding applications where quality and reliability are crucial.

340,00 450,00 

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Information about availability:

We usually have all connectors and cables in stock in order to be able to serve at least small to medium-sized orders. The average production time is 2-3 working days. (depending on the current order situation and of course the size of the order)

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SiQuell BNC cable drums are available in the following standard lenghts:

Length: SKU: Price: (exVAT)
25m / 82ft SiQ.BNC.12G.DR.025.BLK € 340,00
30m / 98.5ft SiQ.BNC.12G.DR.030.BLK € 375,00
50m / 98.5ft SiQ.BNC.6G.DR.050.BLK € 450,00

All prices without taxes and costs for shipping


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SiQuell – BNC Cable Drums (12G HD-SDI) Hi-Flex