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The service concept is very important at SiQuell Technology GmbH, because the customer and his needs are our top priority. Of course, this applies to both areas of our company; So PC parts and film equipment. Top quality, fair prices and trustworthiness are just as much a part of the agenda at SiQuell Technology GmbH as good, brand-independent advice.

FaQ's PC-parts:

Can I purchase RAM modules directly?


Yes RAM modules can also be ordered directly from us. However, the logistical and accounting effort is greater, which is why we have a minimum order quantity of 10 pieces for private customers. For business customers, the minimum order quantity is 5 pieces.

Where can I purchase single RAM modules as private customer?

SiQuell Technology GmbH is represented on several marketplaces. For small quantities, please order here and of course we look forward to positive reviews.

  • ebay
  • real.de
  • Cdiscount
I ordered the wrong RAM module or received a defective module. How can I send it back?

If you order via one of our marketplaces, we urgently ask you to process the return via the respective platform (ebay, real.de, cdiscount). In this case, the respective online marketplace is your contractual partner.

Only in the case of returns that were processed via the marketplace on which the purchase was made can we enable a timely reversal. If you simply send the goods back to us, they cannot be assigned and will therefore take longer. Processing fees may also apply in exceptional cases.

I'm not sure which RAM module I need for my computer. Are there any differences?

Yes, there are differences and you should pay attention to which modules are compatible. But there are a few small hints that are helpful as basic knowledge.


  1. SO-DIMM modules are used for laptops. These are also used more and more in mini-PCs.
  2. LO-DIMM (long dimm) modules are used in desktop PCs.
  3. Server modules cannot be used in desktop PCs!
  4. RAM modules must be of the correct generation (DDR2, DDR3 or DDR4). This depends on the mainboard. There is no cross-compatibility.
  5. The clocking (Hz number) should match.
  6. The architecture of the module must match. In simplified terms, you can see how many black chips are installed on how many sides and in how many lines. As an example there are singlesided, singlerank modules. These have the black chips only on one side and only in one row.
  7. The maximum specified GB size of the device must not be exceeded. Please also pay attention to what the maximum memory size per slot is.
How do I find out the generation and frequency of my RAM module?

On the one hand, of course, you can simply remove the module and have a look. But there is also a good freeware (CPU-Z) that can help. Simply download and install here and then look under the "SPD" tab.

In our experience, when it comes to laptops, the quickest thing to do is to ask our great friend Google. Simply enter the manufacturer and type designation of your laptop and you should usually find it quickly.