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Introducing SiQuell LBUS Cables!

SiQuell presents its cutting-edge LBUS Cables, meticulously crafted to deliver unrivaled performance and reliability. These cables come in both angled and straight connectors, offering you flexibility in your setup. As with all SiQuell cables, only the finest materials and original Lemo connectors are used, guaranteeing the highest quality standards.

Designed to meet the diverse needs of professionals, SiQuell LBUS Cables are available in standard lengths and can also be custom-made to meet your specific requirements. Need a shorter or longer cable? No problem. SiQuell has you covered with its bespoke cable length service, ensuring optimal cable management for your setup.

SiQuell takes customization to the next level by offering the option to add your own logo to the cables. Showcase your brand identity and elevate your professionalism with personalized LBUS Cables bearing your unique logo.

SiQuell LBUS Cables boast a flexible and durable construction. For lengths up to 0.8m or 2.6ft, a more flexible cable is used compared to the original, ensuring easy handling without sacrificing performance. However, for all cable lengths, a thicker conductor can be utilized upon request, catering to those seeking even higher current capacity and robustness.

SiQuell LBUS Cables are the epitome of reliability and precision. Whether you’re working on a film set, in a live event production, or any other professional application, these cables guarantee communication and trouble free data flow between your LBUS-compatible devices.

(Note: LBUS devices and additional accessories shown in images are for illustrative purposes only and are not included with the LBUS Cables.)

149,00 209,00 

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Information about availability:

We usually have all connectors and cables in stock in order to be able to serve at least small to medium-sized orders. The average production time is 2-3 working days. (depending on the current order situation and of course the size of the order)

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SiQuell LBUS Cables with straight plugs on both ends, are available in these standard lengths:

Length: SKU: Price: (exVAT) equals:
0.2m/8in *
SiQ.LBs.2.LBs.020 € 149,00 K2.0006749
0.3m / 1ft *
SiQ.LBs.2.LBs.030 € 149,00 K2.0006750
0.5m / 1.5ft *
SiQ.LBs.2.LBs.050 € 149,00 K2.0006751
0.8m/2.6ft *
SiQ.LBs.2.LBs.080 € 149,00 K2.0006752
1.5m/5ft * SiQ.LBs.2.LBs.150 € 149,00 K2.0006753
3m/10ft *
SiQ.LBs.2.LBs.300 € 159,00 K2.0006754
6m/20ft *
SiQ.LBs.2.LBs.600 € 189,00 K2.0006755
10m/32.8ft *
SiQ.LBs.2.LBs.1K € 199,00 n.a
15m/49ft *
SiQ.LBs.2.LBs.1.5K € 209,00 K2.0006756
Coiled 0.35-0.8m *
SiQ.LBs.2.LBs.C035 € 189,00 n.a
Custom Length ** SiQ.LBs.2.LBs.CL on request n.a

* costs for branding + € 10,00

** costs for branding are included.

All prices without taxes and costs for shipping


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SiQuell – Cable LBUS [str.] – LBUS [str.]