SmallHD – 702 Touch | 7-inch monitor (Ex-Demo)



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Display: 7-inch, 1920X1200
Brightness: 1500 nits
HDMI: 1x HDMI In, 1x HDMI Out
SDI: 1x 3G SDI In, 1x 3G SDI In/Out
Audio: ?” Headphone Jack
Power: Barrel Power Input (10V-34V, 2A DC), Sony L Series Battery Bracket

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The 702 Touch is the smart, ruggedly built SDI/HDMI touchscreen monitor designed for full-time creative professionals. The 702 Touch is extremely durable without adding bulk and daylight viewable without consuming enormous amounts of power. With flexible signal options, world-class software tools, and intuitive touchscreen controls, the 702 Touch offers ultimate versatility. Built with an aluminum chassis, this monitor is rugged, designed to be packed, transported, and used in the field.

The seven-inch screen is full HD and has a resolution of 1920×1200. And thanks to 10-bit color processing in 100% DCI-P3, you’ll get a color accurate look at your production. And for the creative with an ever-changing schedule and location, the 702 Touch’s 1500 nits of brightness ensure that your monitor can be viewed no matter the time of day, offering a glare-free, color-accurate look even in direct sunlight.

The 702 features two 3G SDI inputs, with the second input doubling as a loop out, an HDMI input with an HDMI loop through, a Sony L-Series dual battery bracket, and the option to add on a Gold Mount or V-Mount battery plate attachment.

Meet Our Smart PageOS Software
With the power of SmallHD PageOS software, build customized Page Profiles, and utilize all of the dependable SmallHD features such as personalized frame guides, Focus & Exposure Assist, high-resolution 3D LUT overlays, histogram, vectorscope, waveform, and more.

702 Touch Compatibility
The 702 Touch is compatible with the Bolt RX Monitor Module. Improve your handheld monitoring workflow with this optional hardware addition to your 702 Touch monitor. Receive cable-free 4K and HDR wireless video from any Bolt 4K series transmitter at a distance of up to 750ft (228m).

Upgrade to Camera Control for RED® DSMC2® & KOMODO™*
Transform your touchscreen into the central command hub of your camera. SmallHD’s proprietary software enables unfettered access to RED® DSMC2® & KOMODO™ camera functions and project settings such as Start/Stop Record, FPS, Shutter Speed, ISO, Color Temperature/White Balance, Clip Playback, and more. *Individual Camera Control software licenses are sold separately.


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SmallHD – 702 Touch | 7-inch monitor (Ex-Demo)