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Our SLIM BNC cable with an outer diameter of just 2.5mm is the ideal solution for anyone who needs a reliable and space-saving HD-SDI connection. With its slim profile, this cable offers a high degree of flexibility and thus enables a camera to be rigged in a space-saving manner and with minimal weight.

The SLIM BNC cable is available in a variety of standard lengths to meet your unique needs. We usually have these in stock. However, if you have special length requirements, we also offer individual lengths. Please note that a minimum order quantity of 5 pieces is required for special lengths.

Our SLIM BNC cable is characterized by high signal quality and reliable transmission (12G HDSDI). The cable is equipped with high-quality BNC connectors that ensure a stable and secure connection.

In addition, we offer the option of customizing the SLIM BNC cable with your own logo. This is a great option for businesses or even operators on set who want to boost their branding or are just glad the cable labeling problem is solved. However, in order to use this option, you must also order at least 5 pieces (it doesn’t matter the length).

Trust the quality and performance of our SLIM BNC cable. Whether you need a standard length or you want custom-made products with a custom logo, we are at your disposal to offer you the best possible solution.


All prices are without taxes and costs for shipping!

Information about availability:

We usually have all connectors and cables in stock in order to be able to serve at least small to medium-sized orders. The average production time is 2-3 working days. (depending on the current order situation and of course the size of the order)

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Slim BNC cables with straight plug on one side and angled plug on the other side:

Length: SKU: Price: (exVAT)
0.2m / 8 in SiQ.SlBs.2.SlBa.020 € 60,00
0.3m / 1ft SiQ.SlBs.2.SlBa.030 € 60,00
0.4m / 1.3ft SiQ.SlBs.2.SlBa.040 € 60,00
0.5m / 1.5ft SiQ.SlBs.2.SlBa.050 € 60,00
0.75m / 2.5ft SiQ.SlBs.2.SlBa.075 € 60,00
1m / 3.3ft SiQ.SlBs.2.SlBa.100 € 60,00
Custom Length * SiQ.SlBs.2.SlBa.CL on request

* minimum order of 5 pieces required All prices without taxes and costs for shipping


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SiQuell – Slim BNC Cable (str.) – (ang.)