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NEW Cond.

SiQuell – Powercable Lemo 2-pin (angled) – LBUS (angled)

NEW Cond.

SiQuell’s LBUS power cables are the ideal choice for powering your devices. Handcrafted and carefully inspected, these cables offer premium performance and durability.

Versatility is one of the main advantages of these cables. They are available in a variety of standard lengths to suit different applications. In addition, we also offer custom lengths to meet your specific needs.

Another highlight is the possibility to place your own logo on the cables. As a result, the cables not only look good, they do not need stickers or other labels to mark your cable as your property.

The LBUS power cables are available with different connectors. Choose between RS, Lemo 2-pin and D-Tap connectors depending on your needs and device specifications.

For maximum flexibility, we offer the LBUS power cable in two versions on the LBUS side: straight and angled. The choice is yours, depending on which configuration best suits your individual needs.

Trust in the quality of the SiQuell LBUS power cables. Each cable is handcrafted by us and carefully inspected to ensure it meets the highest standards. You can count on these cables to provide reliable power.

209,00 259,00 

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Information about availability:

We usually have all connectors and cables in stock in order to be able to serve at least small to medium-sized orders. The average production time is 2-3 working days. (depending on the current order situation and of course the size of the order)

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SiQuell LBUS Powercables Lemo 2-pin (angled) to LBUS (angled) is available in these standard lenghts:

Length: SKU: Price: (exVAT)
0.3m / 1ft *
SiQ.LE2a.2.LBa.030 € 209,00
0.5m / 1.5ft *
SiQ.LE2a.2.LBa.050 € 209,00
0.6m / 2ft *
SiQ.LE2a.2.LBa.060 € 209,00
0.8m/2.6ft *
SiQ.LE2a.2.LBa.080 € 209,00
1.5m/5ft * SiQ.LE2a.2.LBa.150 € 219,00
Coiled 0.35-0.8m *
SiQ.LE2a.2.LBa.C035 € 259,00
Custom Length ** SiQ.LE2a.2.LBa.CL on request

* costs for branding + € 10,00

** costs for branding are included.

All prices without taxes and costs for shipping.



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SiQuell – Powercable Lemo 2-pin (angled) – LBUS (angled)