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SiQuell – Power Extension Cable XLR 4-pin (straight) 5m




Power-Extension Cable with XLR-4pin plugs
Length: 5m

Only two wires are used. Audio applications are not possible.

Branding your cable with your logo or your name is no problem. We ask for your understanding, that branded and custom made lengths can take longer until shipping.

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SiQuell cables are handcrafted with the greatest care. Not only are they manufactured under strict quality control, only quality and original components are used. This guarantees a long service life even under tough conditions.

Length: 5m

This cable is used for power supply or as an extension for devices with XLR 4-pin connections. The standard assignment is for 12V devices (1 = GND; 4 = V +). Other assignments can be made at your own risk, but no more than two strands are available. Since the cable is intended purely for power supply, it is not shielded.
The following lengths are available:
– 2m
– 5 m
– custom length (list price + 10EUR, branding included)

Branding costs: list price + 10EUR


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SiQuell – Power Extension Cable XLR 4-pin (straight) 5m