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NEW Cond.

SiQuell – Power extension cable ARRI ALEXA Mini (LF) | AMIRA | ALEXA 35 (angled)

NEW Cond.

Expand your options when using ARRI cameras with the SiQuell Power Extension Cable. This high quality cable can be used for ARRI ALEXA Mini (LF), ALEXA 35 and AMIRA.

As with all SiQuell cables, the main focus is on quality. That’s why we use original Lemo plugs and high-quality cables made in Germany.

Our SiQuell power extension cable is available in various standard lengths. In addition, we offer you the option of manufacturing special lengths according to your individual requirements. If you need extra flexibility, you can also opt for our spiral cable, which offers a generous working range of up to 3.5 meters.

As a special highlight, SiQuell offers the option of attaching your own logo to the extension cable. This allows you to personalize your cable.

Please note that ARRI does not sell this specific extension cable. However, SiQuell has recognized the need that, especially when using gimbals, it can be an advantage if you can simply extend the usual power supply and pack it in a backpack, for example.

Discover now the versatile application possibilities of the SiQuell extension cable with 8-pin Lemo plug.

165,00 180,00 

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Information about availability:

We usually have all connectors and cables in stock in order to be able to serve at least small to medium-sized orders. The average production time is 2-3 working days. (depending on the current order situation and of course the size of the order)

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SiQuell Power exenstion cable with angled connector is available in these standard lenghts:

Length: SKU: Price: (exVAT)
0.6m / 2ft *
SiQ.L8Pa.2.L8Pcs.060 € 165,00
1.0m / 3.3ft *
SiQ.L8Pa.2.L8Pcs.100 € 165,00
1.5m/5ft * SiQ.L8Pa.2.L8Pcs.150 € 165,00
2.0m / 6.6ft *
SiQ.L8Pa.2.L8Pcs.200 € 165,00
3.0m / 10ft *
SiQ.L8Pa.2.L8Pcs.300 € 165,00
5.0m / 16,4 ft *
SiQ.L8Pa.2.L8Pcs.500 € 170,00
Coiled ~1.0 – 3.5m *
SiQ.L8Pa.2.L8Pcs.C100 € 180,00
Custom Length ** SiQ.L8Pa.2.L8Pcs.CL on request

* costs for branding + € 10,00

** costs for branding are included.

All prices without taxes and costs for shipping.


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SiQuell – Power extension cable ARRI ALEXA Mini (LF) | AMIRA | ALEXA 35 (angled)