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Shape - Quick Handle Rod Bloc (USED) incl. Shoulder Pad




Shape – Quick Handle Rod Bloc (USED) incl. Kamerar Socom Shoulder Pad

Professional video stabilization with 2 handles
Quick release handgrips with SHAPE’s patented Push-button technology
Push, adjust, release, and then its lock
Ergonomic handles with rubber handgrips for stability and precision
Each handle offers 360° individual rotation
Compatible with 15 mm rods
Single red knob for fast, easy and precise adjustment along the rods
CNC machined parts and hard anodized aluminum for resistance

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Shape – Quick Handle Rod Bloc (USED) incl. Kamerar Socom Shoulder Pad

The SHAPE Quick handle rod bloc is a professional video stabilization accessory with 2 camera handle grips, each providing an individual rotation angle of 360°. You can attach the handle to the camera platform using a simple screw knob. A simple Push-Button located at the articulation allows easy attachment and removal. Combined with the anodized aluminum rod bloc, the quick handle offers composite camera support for all 15 mm rods. You can achieve precise positioning by sliding the Quick Handle along the rods and tightening the small red knob located on the Rod Bloc. The rod bloc is designed with 2 screw-threaded holes allowing the mounting of the Quick Handle.

SHAPE is well known for its patented Push-button handle, now used by so many professionals in the industry. The technology was developped to give filmakers quick and easy adjustment. By simply pressing the button, you are allowed a 360-degree rotation to place the handle in the best position for your use. Push, adjust, release, and then its lock.


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Shape – Quick Handle Rod Bloc (USED) incl. Shoulder Pad