NEW Cond.

Schneider Kreuznach – CFG RHOdium® FSND 0.6 SEH (4×5.65)

NEW Cond.



OLD SKU: 68-141255

Strength: 0.6

Size: 4″x5.65″

Type and direction: Soft Edge Horizontal

  • Follow the natural gradient of the sky
  • Manufactured with Crystal Clear Water-white glass
  • Even response throughout the visible color spectrum and into the IR
  • Color-matched to our RHOdium® FSND solid filters
  • ND Coating is laminated between glass
  • Vectorscope & Tristimulus tested for superior neutrality

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Graduated neutral density filters are used in photography to darken an overly-bright part of a scene, like a sky, and lighten the foreground. Even at high densities, RHOdium® Full Spectrum ND filters from Schneider-Kreuznach reduce the amount of light in the entire visible spectrum and the near-infrared range so that there is no color cast in the image.

Schneider-Kreuznach RHOdium® Full Spectrum Graduated NDs are designed so that the gray gradient of the filter follows the natural shading of the sky, allowing a more even exposure of the image. The ND coating is enclosed between two crystal-clear glasses, making it excellent protection against wear and the high stresses in the film business. The entire RHOdium® Full Spectrum ND filter line (solid/ gradient) is color-matched and can be used in combination.


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Schneider Kreuznach – CFG RHOdium® FSND 0.6 SEH (4×5.65)