NEW Cond.

Schneider Kreuznach – Platinum IRND 1.2 (4×5.65)

NEW Cond.



Size: 4×5.65

Strength: 1.2

Discontinued !!! Schneider Kreuznach replaced the production of PLATINUM filters with RHOdium FSND filters two years ago. Our inventory is what is left over. There won’t be more, therefore first come first serve.

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By carefully calculating the cut-off frequency in nanometers, Schneider-Kreuznach has succeeded in producing a near-infrared blocking filter with which digital camera users can make optimal use of their camera equipment. This means the advantage of an extended color gamut without worrying about unwanted, wrong colors. The elimination of near-infrared light leakage preserves the color rendering in the black tones while maintaining the high MTF of the camera and lens system.
The Platinum-IRND filter attenuates in the ultraviolet and visible spectral range like our traditional ND filters and at the same time offers better control in the near infrared range. Dedicated dyes precisely absorb infrared to maximize color gamut while virtually eliminating discoloration from infrared pollution.
Platinum IRND filters can generally benefit the use of digital camera sensors and standard color footage.


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Schneider Kreuznach – Platinum IRND 1.2 (4×5.65)