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NEW Cond.

LEITZ – HUGO LPL Prime 18mm Meter T1.5

NEW Cond.



Get the brandnew LEITZ HUGO-Prime 18mm T1.5 with LPL-Mount and Meterscale.


The Leitz HUGO lenses use the same glass as Leica M lenses
to bring their rich colors, artful flares, and rounded image
field into the world of moving pictures with uncompromising
quality, durability, and flexibility.


Featuring a production-ready mechanical design, the Hugo
lenses come with rigid LPL mounts, as well as the
traditional cine orientation of focus and iris scales, expanded
focus scales with a 270° rotation, and greatly increased close
focus ability. Easily change mounts to Leica M mount or Leica
L mount as well.

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LEITZ – HUGO LPL Prime 18mm Meter T1.5