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Leica (Leitz-Cine) – Summilux-C 25mm Prime (USED)




Leica – SUMMILUX 25mm

Used lenses are one of the main focuses of SiQuell. Many years of experience and a good network enable rarely achieved availability. Just ask us, we look forward to it.

We give a warranty of six months on the current condition of used equipment.

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LEICA Summilux-C 25mm PL (USED). The lens is in extremely good condition and has been serviced. Looks like new!


Focal length: 25mm
Aperture: T1.4-T22
Image Circle: 33mm
Close Focus (ft): 1’3
Horizontal Angle of view “Super 35” 24.9 x 18.7 m: 52,9°
Weight: 1,8kg
Front Diameter: 114mm


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Leica (Leitz-Cine) – Summilux-C 25mm Prime (USED)