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NEW Cond.

LAOWA – Pro2be lenses 24mm T8 2X Macro Probe PL (set of 3)

NEW Cond.



With the Pro2be, LAOWA is introducing a new generation of probe lenses. It has a completely new optical design and offers e.g. B. an unusual low-angle perspective.
Thanks to three different lens modules, this lens set is perfect for a variety of shots.
From extreme close-ups to cinematic shots from above and unusual angles, there are no limits to your creativity.

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Three lens modules, countless possibilities!
The complete lens set not only opens up more shooting options thanks to the three practical perspectives, but also increases user-friendliness.
The 0° direct module is widely used on the market to create unique and interesting wide-angle macro shots.
With the 35° module, epic advertising shots can be created without any additional effort. Shooting from an extremely low position makes products appear huge.
The 90° module enables e.g. B. Shooting on the floor while the camera sits on a tripod. This makes it easier for the cameraman to bring the camera or lens into a favorable position in order to create exciting tracking shots that look like drone flights.
All three lens modules can be rotated 360° along the longitudinal axis (can be controlled via module 0.8) by unlocking the blue ring on the coupling mechanism. The image section or orientation can be fixed by locking it again. The Pro2be cine lenses are equipped with a continuously variable aperture ring and standardized module 0.8 toothed rings. Focusing and aperture setting are done manually.


  • 3 front group lenses: direct view 0°, 35°, 90°
  • Allows you to shoot in interesting and difficult locations, e.g. B. in animal caves, under water, in narrow crevices, etc.
  • The front lens is coupled with a 360° rotating mechanism for the rear lens group to enable different shooting angles
  • Fully waterproof structure on the front part (36.6cm) of the lens barrel
  • 4mm extremely short focusing distance from the front lens
  • Maximum aperture T8
  • 2x magnification
  • Full format
  • Various other connections available as interchangeable mounts



Technical Data:

Lens modules: 0° direct module 35° – module 90° periscope module
focal length: 24mm
Angle of view: 85°
Diameter of image field: 43.2mm (full format: 36 x 24mm)
Sensor type: Full format
Maximum aperture: T8
Minimum aperture: T40
Aperture blades: 10
Aperture setting: manually
Aperture ring: stepless
Visual structure (elements/groups): 33/24 33/24 34/25
Focus rotation angle: 150°
Aperture rotation angle: 50°
Focusing: manually
Min. focusing distance: 511mm
Close focusing limit: 4mm from the front lens
Image scale: 02:01
Dimensions (DxL): 30.4x507mm 30.4mmx500mm 30.4x500mm
Weight: approx. 1038g approx. 1024g approx. 1068g
material: metal
Connection: PL


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LAOWA – Pro2be lenses 24mm T8 2X Macro Probe PL (set of 3)