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LAOWA – 24 mm f/14 2X Macro Probe Cine (PL-Mount)

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The LAOWA Probe lens is a strange looking “snorkel lens”, but it is one of the most interesting macro lenses on the market.
With this endoscope lens you can take very unique photos and videos from the insect’s perspective that would never be possible with other lenses.
This special macro lens has 27 lens elements in a 20 mm thin telescopic and waterproof tube. At 24 mm, it is a wide-angle macro lens for full-format cameras with an image ratio of max. 2: 1. The wide-angle construction and the small aperture result in a huge depth of field.

An LED ring light is built into the tip for lighting and focusing.

Due to this construction, unique effects can be achieved in the tabletop, macro and close range. Not only recordings from a low perspective but also recordings that appear physically impossible are very easy to do.

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How about, for example:
– a film through the middle of fruit or vegetables or immersion in a fizzy drink?
– Photos from the inside of an architectural model or from the middle of the toy train?
– Recordings from a blossom, the terrarium or even an aquarium or garden pond?

There are no limits to creativity with this lens!
You can use a power bank or a USB power supply unit as a power source for the built-in LED ring light.

Cine version with standardized toothed rings module 0.8
Transmission value (t): 14.1

Supplied in an aluminum case with combination lock, incl. USB cable and padded carrying bag with handle and shoulder strap.

Technical specifications  
Focal length 24 mm
Maximum aperture f / 14
Minimum aperture f / 40
Aperture blades 7th
Aperture setting manually
Angle of view 85 ° full format
Sensor format  Full format and APS-C
Closest focusing distance from the front lens 20 mm
Close focus from sensor level 470 mm
Maximum reproduction scale 2.1
Focus manually
Optical structure 27 elements in 19 groups
particularities Wide-angle macro endoscope, waterproof up to 20 cm
Dimensions (DxL) 38×408 mm (tube ø 20 mm)
Weight 474 g
connection  Sony E, Canon EF, Arri PL


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LAOWA – 24 mm f/14 2X Macro Probe Cine (PL-Mount)