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IB/E – Raptor 150mm Macro-Prime (Meter) (USED)




We offer a used Raptor Macro Prime with 150mm focal length, PL mount and meter scale. The lens was rarely used during a rental and is in very good condition.


Technical Specs:

  • 150mm Focal Length
  • full frame (24×36) coverage
  • T-Stop T 2.9

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Large format sensors are here to stay. The ARRI LF, the RED Monstro, the SONY Venice and the Panavision DXL 2 are the most recent additions to the growing list of large format cameras. The larger sensors deliver a more organic look with an interesting bokeh due to the extremely shallow depth of field but to get the best performance from these sensors, lenses with image circles of at least 50mm are necessary to cover the complete area.

More than 50mm image circle
The lenses cover every sensor up to Vista Vision and beyond. They are literally future proofed for new cameras.

Universal Mount System
With an exclusive Univeral Mount System we ensure that the lenses can be used on most cameras. Do not worry if you use EF, PL, Sony E cameras, the UMS will be easy to switch and keep you highly versatile.

Close focus
Depending on the focal length you have different minimum close focus ranges.
150mm – 38cm

APO color correction
Designed with a special apochromatic (APO) lens element, for a better correction of chromatic and spherical aberrations. Better color accuracy by design.

1:1 Magnification
These lenses have an amazing 1:1 magnification, which will enable you to see the smallest details in the macro world like never before.

High end technical specifications
Aperture: T2.9-T22
Focus rotation: 300°
Iris rotation: 70°
Iris leaves: 9
Front diameter: 95cm


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IB/E – Raptor 150mm Macro-Prime (Meter) (USED)