IB/E – PLx2 Extender (PL to PL) (USED)




The extender with the greatest overall depth for the greatest number of possibilities to double PL lenses.

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Modern cameras require high quality optics designed and optimized for electronic sensors. PL extenders increase the focal length of 35 mm PL mount lenses. Our extenders feature high-index, low-dispersion glass and flare optimized systems to ensure the highest possible resolution and contrast with minimal optical degradation. The highly telecentric optical design avoids all micro lens issues.


  • Extends the focal length
  • Telecentric design for digital cameras high performance at all T-stops
  • Flare optimized high-end systems
  • Fits most PL lenses on the market
  • PL-PL Extender
  • PL UMS Mount System for flexibility


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IB/E – PLx2 Extender (PL to PL) (USED)