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Bright Tangerine – Rota Ring for Misfit Atom Pola+

NEW Cond.



The Misfit Atom Pola+ Rota Ring is designed to securely mount a 138mm round filter into the Misfit Atom Pola+ Core.

  • Secures 138mm round filters
  • Rotating lever
  • Supports polarisers and diopters (up to +2)

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The Rota Ring for Misfit Atom Pola+ is used to mount a 138mm circular filter like a polariser or diopter in the Misfit Atom Pola+. The Rota Ring clamps onto the filter securely with a nut and bolt.

When the filter is mounted into the Clash 138mm the lever on the Rota Ring provides easy access to rotate the filter.


  • Weight: 0,025 kg
  • Dimensions: 16,5 × 14,3 × ,8 cm
  • Matte Box Compatibility: Misfit Atom Pola+
  • Filter Size:
    • 138mm Circular


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Bright Tangerine – Rota Ring for Misfit Atom Pola+