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Bright Tangerine – One Tray (Rota Pola/Diopter/Variable ND Frame)

NEW Cond.



The ONE Tray is a multipurpose filter tray that can do it all. Use it as a Rota Pola, Variable ND, diopter frame and more.

It is designed to hold a combination of 138mm round and 4×5.65” filters, giving you even more flexibility when creating your final image.

  • Multipurpose Filter Tray – use as a Rota Pola, Variable ND, Diopter Tray & more
  • Accommodates 138mm round & 4×5.65″ industry-standard filters in a single, double-width tray
  • Clockwork Orange system provides consistent, smooth rotation on any 138mm round filter
  • Accommodates diopters up to +2 in strength
  • Compatible with the Misfit Kick or any other ARRI LMB standard matte box

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Introducing the ONE Tray – the ultimate multi-tasking filter frame! Not only can it serve as a Rota Pola and Variable ND tray, but it can also accommodate diopters and much more, all in one convenient tray.

Unlike dedicated trays, the ONE Tray offers the added flexibility of working in various setups without sacrificing your field of view. Compatible with industry-standard filters, the ONE Tray provides you with the freedom to capture your vision without limitations.

The ONE Tray accepts industry-standard filters, giving you the freedom of choice to use any filter manufacturer without needing to buy proprietary or specialised geared filters.

There is also no need to buy additional parts like expanding backs for your matte box, you now can use either your diopters, PV or 138mm round filters within a single tray.

138mm round filters are securely placed within the frame with no chance of falling out.

4×5.65” & 138mm Round Filters

The ONE Tray accommodates two sizes of filters in one. Unlock the thumb screw to load a 138mm round filter, and secure the 4×5.65” filter using the spring-loaded wedge.

Create your own unique looks by combining different sets of filters.

Clockwork Orange

By simply adding a standard 138mm round filter, you can instantly benefit from a geared rotation system, without the expense of purchasing specialised filters. The innovative Clockwork Orange system ensures a seamless, gentle rotation, whether you choose to operate it manually or with a motor.

And with no risk of gear slippage, you can count on smooth and reliable performance, every time. Compatible with circular polarisers and split diopters, the ONE Tray guarantees consistent, repeatable results for your needs.

Rota Pola

Reflections and glare can be controlled by using the ONE Tray as a Rota Pola. Simply add a 138mm round polariser into the tray. The orientation of the polariser can then be rotated using the gear by hand or a motor. A second 4×5.65” filter can be loaded into the tray for ND or diffusion.

Variable ND

Maintain shallow depth of field and proper exposure with a Variable ND setup using the ONE Tray. With a 138mm round circular polariser loaded, simply add a 4×5.65″ polariser into the front for up to 6 stops of ND dependent on focal length.

This spacing of the filters has been optimised for the best optical performance.

Diopter Stage

Get closer focus and detail shots without changing lenses with diopters. The ONE Tray can also accommodate diopters up to +2 in strength which can be used for closer focus or macro work.

Unlike traditional diopter trays, when using strengths of +¾ or less, the front PV stage can still be utilised for ND or diffusion meaning you don’t lose out on a filter stage.

Matte Box Compatibility

The ONE Tray is compatible with the Misfit Kick Mk I & II, Kick 360 & Prodigy Air Deflector. It is also compatible with ARRI LMB matte boxes.


  • Weight: 0,093kg
  • Dimensions: 15 × 3 × 15 cm
  • Matte Box Compatibility:
    • Misfit Kick Mk II
    • Misfit Kick 360 Mk II
    • ARRI LMB 4×5
    • Misfit Kick Mk I
    • Misfit Kick 360 Mk I
  • Filter Size:
    • 138mm Circular
    • 4×4″
    • 4×5.65″ PV


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Bright Tangerine – One Tray (Rota Pola/Diopter/Variable ND Frame)