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Bright Tangerine – Misfit Six Side Flags

NEW Cond.



Get maximum control over flares with the Misfit Six Side Flags. Each flag features two extendable wings for precise shading control.

Made of carbon fiber for a light yet sturdy build for handheld or studio work.

  • Provides additional flare control for the Misfit Six
  • Two extendable wings for precise shading control
  • Carbon fiber construction is suitable for handheld and other lightweight camera setups
  • Includes left and right side flags with all required mounting hardware

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Get maximum control of your image, removing flare and maintaining contrast in your image with the Misfit Six Side Flags. Light your scene how you want it without worrying about stray light hitting your frame.


Each flag features two extensions which can be positioned exactly where you need it for precise shading control.


Included are the mounting brackets to install on the matte box. Make quick adjustments on the fly by adjusting the tension with the lever. When you need to lock it off, tighten down the orange thumbscrew.


The carbon fiber build keeps the flags light but rugged, suitable for handheld work and other lightweight camera setups.


  • Weight: 0,251 kg
  • Dimensions: 23 × 3 × 15,5 cm
  • Matte Box Compatibility:
    • Misfit Six


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Bright Tangerine – Misfit Six Side Flags