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Bright Tangerine – Misfit Six 2-Stage Kit

NEW Cond.



The Misfit Six – 2-Stage Kit is a versatile 6.6×6.6” matte box solution for ultrawide and large cinema zoom lenses. Create your visual style without giving up on field of view.

This kit includes the Misfit Six Core, Top Flag and two 6.6×6.6” filter trays. Complete the kit by adding a 6.6” Frame Safe clamp adapter.


  • Versatile 6.6×6.6” matte box solution
  • Patented Reveal Stage lets you convert from 2-stage to 3-stage without any extra hardware
  • Configurable to clip on, rod mount or swing away
  • Compatible with 6.6” Frame Safe Clamp Adapters
  • Lightweight and rugged construction with a carbon fiber sunshade



  • 1x (B1255.1001) Misfit Six Core
  • 1x (B1255.1003) Misfit Six Top Flag
  • 2x (B1251.1053) 6.6×6.6″ Filter Tray (Misfit Six)

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With the Misfit Six – 2-Stage Kit, you’ll be ready for any lenses that come your way. With support for up to three 6.6×6.6” sized filters, required for ultra-wide, anamorphic and large cinema zoom lenses. With its durable carbon fiber construction and easy-to-use design, it can be configured to your liking for any filmmaking challenge.

6.6×6.6” & 4×5.65” READY

This kit includes two 6.6×6.6” filter trays, and is also compatible with the 4×5.65” Filter Tray for Misfit Six (B1251.1053), allowing you to use a combination of filters and sizes.


With our patented Reveal Stage, you can easily convert between a 2-stage and 3-stage configuration without any tools or extra hardware, just add another filter tray. Stay compact with the 2-stage and expand to 3-stage for creative control.


To complete the kit, just add one of our 6.6” Frame Safe clamp adapters. Available in a range of sizes from 80mm to 162mm.


You can choose from a variety of different mounting options for your matte box, depending on what type and style of shooting you’re doing. Clip it directly onto the lens or supported with rods in lightweight or studio builds. If you have frequent lens changes, set it up with a swing away to easily access your lens.


Cut out flares and protect your glass from the elements with the included top flag. It’s quick to install without tools and has two extendable wings for added coverage. Get even more creative control by adding side flags and hard mattes.


  • Weight: 0,748 kg
  • Matte Box Compatibility:
    • Misfit Six


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Bright Tangerine – Misfit Six 2-Stage Kit