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Bright Tangerine – Misfit Kick Mk II (3-Stage) ONE Tray Kit

NEW Cond.



The Misfit Kick is a versatile matte box for all types of filmmaking and setups, accommodating 4×5.65” filters, with interchangeable clamp adapters to suit a wide range of lenses.

This kit comes with the Misfit Kick Core Mk II, three 4×5.65” filter trays, quick-release top flag & the ONE Tray.

To complete the kit, add a Frame Safe clamp adapter.


  • Tool-less conversion from 2-stage to 3-stage using patented Reveal stage
  • Wide field of view with Frame Safe clamp adapters
  • Configurable to clip on, rod mount or swing away
  • Compatible with quick-release top flag, side flags and hard mattes
  • ONE Tray can be used as a Rota Pola, Variable ND or Diopter frame


Included in this set:

  • 1x (B1235.1101) Misfit Kick Mk II Core
  • 3x (B1251.1142) 4×5.65″/4×4″ Filter Tray (Misfit Kick & Prodigy)
  • 1x (B1210.1125) Carbon Fibre Top Flag (Misfit Kick & 360 Mk II)
  • 1x (B1251.1045) One Tray (Rota Pola/Diopter/Variable ND Frame)

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The Misfit Kick is a versatile matte box for all types of filmmaking. Configurable to clip on, rod mount or swing away.

This kit includes the Misfit Kick Core Mk II, three 4×5.65″ filter trays, quick-release top flag & the ONE Tray.

To complete the system, simply add a Frame Safe clamp adapter to suit your lens and you have a complete matte box ranging from 80mm to 143mm.

Frame Safe Clamp Adapters

The Misfit Kick Mk II can adapt to any lens using our range of Frame Safe clamp adapters, offering an extra wide field of view for large format sensors and wide lenses.


3-Stage Matte Box

The Misfit Kick features an all-new patented reveal stage design, making it more robust and easier to operate in the field, converting from a 2-stage to 3-stage matte box without any extra hardware or tools, just a third filter tray.

ONE Tray – Rota Pola, Variable ND & Diopter Frame

Included with this kit is the ONE Tray, accommodating two sizes of filters in one. Unlock the thumb screw to load a 138mm round filter, and secure the 4×5.65” filter using the spring-loaded wedge.

Configure it as a Rota Pola to control reflections and glare, maintain shallow depth of field and proper exposure in a Variable ND setup, or get closer focus and detail shots with diopters up to +2 in strength.

Create your own unique looks by combining different sets of filters.

Safe & Reliable

Rather than use ball bearings like traditional matte boxes, the Misfit Kick uses a new spring system in combination with a protruding ridge to secure the filter trays, creating a positive locking position with tactile feedback for increased confidence when loading filters.

Knurled, captive locking screws are used to secure filters in place, preventing screws from going missing while in the field.

For even more security, a filter guard can be mounted onto the bottom of the sunshade.

When working in fast paced environments like on a tracking vehicle, drone or jib, a safety loop provides a secure tethering point for a safety wire or lanyard.

Maximum Flare Protection

For additional light protection, add the quick-release top flag, side flags or hard mattes for precise control over flares and image contrast. The added Torsion Plate effectively absorbs and dampens vibrations.

Made in the UK

The sunshade is built from high-grade carbon fibre and the reveal system from CNC cut hard anodised aluminium for extra strength while staying lightweight.


  • Weight: 0,485 kg
  • Dimensions: 28 × 21 × 15,5 cm
  • Matte Box Compatibility:
    • Misfit Kick Mk II


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Bright Tangerine – Misfit Kick Mk II (3-Stage) ONE Tray Kit