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NEW Cond.

Bright Tangerine – Drumstix 15mm Titanium Support Rods – 4″ Pair (10.2cm)

NEW Cond.



Drumstix Sterling Titanium Support Rods are like no other rods. With featherweight mass, and rock solid support, they will change the way you film. Be dextrous. Be agile. Be free. We let you focus on what’s important, so you never miss a beat.


  • Quarter of the weight of stainless steel rods
  • Won’t bend like aluminium or shatter like carbon fibre rods
  • Manufactured to high British standards with twenty microns of tolerance
  • Available in 15mm or 19mm in a range of lengths
  • lifetime warranty

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15mm & 19mm support rods are the chassis to any camera rig. You can mount matte boxes, support large lenses, follow focus & motors and other support equipment. Whichever way you set up, our Drumstix’ titanium resilience will support your needs without restrictions. Welcome, to the the new standard of operation.

As filmmakers, we understand that you take your set-up seriously and is as unique as you are. We think support rods shouldn’t be considered consumables. It’s a hassle to deal with, damaging for our environment, but most importantly – it doesn’t have to be that way anymore.

The Meta has shifted.


Steady, Sturdy, And British

Our R&D team has tried, tested and developed a new formula to manufacture Sterling Titanium – the metal we are using for our Drumstix. That makes them both the strongest and lightest support rod available.


Let’s Get Something Straight

Compared to carbon, aluminium and steel bars, our Drumstix’ offer a superior strength to weight ratio. Now, there is no need to compromise your shot for the sake of saving weight or limitations of the gear.

By removing weight you remove burdens. Become more agile than ever, go handheld more often for organic movement for longer shots and travel to further distances than before.

With your support rods being lighter than ever you can capitalise on more gear that would otherwise be too physically demanding. Either way, you can capture what wasn’t possible before using Drumstix’ innovation.

Drumstix’ lightens your carry on weight when travelling or filming. That means easier flying, or another lense, a steadier shot, or an extra hour of endurance. Ultimately, this is up to you.

Our thin wall design makes the Drumstix’ 30% lighter than aluminium. So, if you’re using drones for aerial cinematography, you know that ever gram can add crucial flight time. For gimbals, the sky’s the limit with how you can use this to your advantage.

But the magic of losing a few pounds doesn’t end there. Every bit of excess weight shed increases flight time whether it’s a long day on set, hiking through treacherous conditions, or navigating the world of extreme sports. The reduction of weight from Drumstix’ can help shift the center of gravity so that you have more core control of your equipment. Overall, a reduction of weight can make a huge difference.


As strong as steel

Our technology won’t shatter like carbon, nor will it lose its structural integrity. It won’t crush like aluminium when being clamped. And if you hadn’t guessed, Drumstix are built to last a lifetime.

The ideation behind Drumstix was more than alleviating weight from your rig; it takes weight off your shoulders. From summer thunderstorms to a long day in a remote desert – Drumstix will stay intact so can focus on the challenges ahead.

Drumstix are set to change industry standards not only for the camera operator, but also for rental companies. A lifetime guarantee means less returns, reducing your consumables costs, and reducing unnecessary waste.


Made Great in Britain

We manufacture in the United Kingdom. Drumstix’ are a domestic product made here in house by our own manufacturers. We’re proud of that.

Our innovators, designers, and manufacturers in Farnham make every set of Drumstix with twenty microns of tolerance which will stay straight on even the longest 18” rod. Experience the smoothness of British manufacturing with no bumps,dents and ever-so-slight mismatch which make Drumstix, the quintessential support rods.


Technical information (single rod):

  • Weight: 18g | 0.04lb
  • Length: 10.2cm | 4”
  • Dimensions metric: 101.6 mm x 15 mm x 15 mm
  • Dimensions imperial: 4? x 0.59? x 0.59?
  • Rod Standard: 15mm Studio, 15mm LWS


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Bright Tangerine – Drumstix 15mm Titanium Support Rods – 4″ Pair (10.2cm)