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Bright Tangerine – Cine Tape Rangefinder Upgrade Kit

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Add a Pivoting Rangefinder Mount to your matte boxes to support optical measuring devices like a CineTape, UDM-1, Cine RT Focusbug & more.

The pivoting base allows you to swing out the assembly for clear access to the matte box and returns to the original position, removing the need to recalibrate sensors.

This kit includes the Cine Tape Rangefinder Mount, Cine Tape Rangefinder Carriage & Mounting Brackets

  • Pivoting base allows for rangefinder assembly to swing away for clear access to filters
  • Safety stops on both ends of the rail prevent the carriage from accidentally falling off
  • Mounts onto top flag brackets without disassembling the matte box
  • Compatible with Misfit Kick Mk I & Misfit Kick 360
  • 3/8″-16 threaded point to mount articulating arms & other accessories



1x (B1235.1040) Cine Tape Rangefinder Rail

1x (B1235.1041) Cine Tape Rangefinder Carriage

1x (B1235.1042) Cine Tape Rangefinder Mounting Brackets


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This rail attaches to the top flag brackets and the carriage provides a 3/8″-16 anti-twist point for attaching small articulating arms & other mounting accessories.

Swing Away Carriage

Rangefinder assemblies are best placed for optimal line-of-sight and commonly mounted above the matte box. This creates an issue when changing filters or lenses as the assembly needs to be moved. The sensor also needs to be recalibrated for accurate readings.

To solve this issue, the Bright Tangerine mount has a pivoting base, allowing the whole assembly to swing out, providing clear access to the filters & matte box without having to reset the rangefinder positioning.

The rail attaches directly onto the top flag mounts, spaced wide apart minimising flex & increasing stability. Also on each end of the rail are safety stops to prevent the carriage from sliding off accidentally.

Matte Box Compatibility

Included with this kit are the mounting brackets which are required to be installed to mount the rail. It is is compatible with the Misfit Kick Mk I & Misfit Kick 360. It is not compatible with the Misfit Kick Mk II.

The carriage is also compatible with the ARRI LMB Accessory Rail (K2.0013014).

Made in the UK

CNC cut from high-grade aluminium, the carriage is then hard anodised for durability. It comes with our famous Bright Tangerine Support and the addition of a 5-year warranty.


  • Matte Box Compatibility:
    • Misfit Kick Mk I


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Bright Tangerine – Cine Tape Rangefinder Upgrade Kit