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Bright Tangerine – 6×6″ Frame Safe Clamp Adapter (143mm)

NEW Cond.



Attach the Misfit Six or ARRI LMB 6×6 matte boxes directly to the lens with a clamp adapter. Available in a range of sizes from 80mm to 162mm.

With our Frame Safe design, you can shoot with wider lenses on large format sensors without fear of vignetting.

  • Compatible with the Misfit Six and ARRI LMB 6×6
  • Fits lenses with outer diameters from 80 to 162mm
  • Frame Safe cut outs maximise field of view and reduce vignetting
  • Attaches to matte box via keyholes for fast changes

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Attach the Misfit Six or ARRI LMB 6×6 directly to the front of the lens. Available in seven sizes: 80/95/110/114/136/143/162mm.


The Frame Safe design features an additional rectangular aperture to maximise the field of view, preventing vignetting on large format sensors and wide angle lenses.


This clamp adaptor attaches via the keyholes on the Misfit Six or ARRI LMB 6×6.


The split clamp design provides even pressure around the lens, ensuring a secure fit that won’t fall off.


  • Weight: 0,182kg
  • Dimensions: 20 × 1,2 × 20,1 cm
  • Matte Box Compatibility:
    • Misfit Six
  • Clamp Diameter:
    • 143mm


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Bright Tangerine – 6×6″ Frame Safe Clamp Adapter (143mm)