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Bright Tangerine – 15mm Studio Swing Away Kit (Misfit Six)

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Assistant Camera know how important it is to be able to change setups quickly and easily. With this Misfit Six Swing Away Kit on a rigid 15mm Studio platform, you can do just that.

This kit includes everything you need to swing away the matte box for clear access to the lens. It includes the Swing Away Dovetail, Swing Away Core & 15mm Studio Swing Away Arm.

  • Lets you swing away matte box for faster lens changes
  • Mounts onto two 15mm rods providing rigid support
  • Simple push-button mechanism for swing away
  • Interchangeable with 19mm Studio Swing Arm (B1200.1030)
  • Compatible with Anti Reflective Tilt Bracket (B1200.1034) to angle matte box

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Quickly and easily change lenses by setting up the Misfit Six in a 15mm Studio swing away configuration.


The bracket enables you to extend the matte box away from the lens with smooth & precise adjustments.

With the push of a button, you can swing the matte box away from the lens for clear access, without having to remove the entire unit.


The quick release feature makes it easy to mount and dismount the matte box from the dovetail, great for building up or packing down on set.


The arm mounts onto two 15mm rods and sets the matte box at the correct height for 15mm Studio configurations. It is interchangeable with the 19mm Studio Swing Away Arm (B1200.1030)


The vertical position can be set using the dovetail and the bridge allows for 10mm of horizontal adjustment. To angle the matte box to reduce reflections, you can add the Anti Reflective Tilt Bracket (B1200.1034).


  • Matte Box Compatibility: Misfit Six
  • Rod Standard: 15mm Studio


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Bright Tangerine – 15mm Studio Swing Away Kit (Misfit Six)