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Bright Tangerine – 15mm Studio Bracket

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Set up your matte box with 15mm Studio rods, with rigid support for use with rubber donuts.

The single lever design securely fastens both rods, and installation requires no tools.

  • Adds 15mm studio rod support for compatible matte box
  • Compatible with the Misfit Kick Mk I & II, 360, Misfit Six, Prodigy & ARRI LMB matte boxes
  • Tool-less design for quick mounting to 15mm LWS brackets
  • Single lever securely locks both rods

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Create a stable and secure base for your matte box on 15mm rods with studio spacing.

Tool-less Design

The quick mounting bracket installs without tools, with two locating pins for perfect alignment. It clamps down tight using a single lever that grips onto two industry-standard 15mm rods.

Compatible with:

When used for the Misfit Kick Mk I & II, Misfit Kick 360 & Prodigy Air Deflector, the bracket is used in combination with the 15mm LWS Support Bracket (B1235.1002) or 15mm LWS Swing Away Arm (B12351020).

For the Misfit Six, the bracket connects to the Misfit Six Studio Bracket Adapter (B1255.1007).

Single Lock Lever

The bracket has a single lever to lock the rod clamp on both sides, removing the need for a second lever.

ARRI Compatible

The 15mm Studio Bracket is also compatible with the ARRI LMB 15mm Lightweight Support Console (K2.0013427).


  • Matte Box Compatibility:
    • Misfit Kick Mk II
    • Misfit Kick 360 Mk II
    • Misfit Six
    • ARRI LMB 4×5
    • Misfit Kick Mk I
  • Rod Standard: 15mm Studio


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Bright Tangerine – 15mm Studio Bracket