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Bright Tangerine – 15mm LWS Support Kit (100-114mm)

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Connect smaller diameter frame safe clamp adapters to the 15mm LWS Bracket with this extension bracket.

Compatible for 100, 104, 110 & 114mm clamp adapters with the Misfit Kick (Mk I & II), 360 & Prodigy Air Deflector or ARRI LMB 4×5.

This kit includes the extension & 15mm LWS bracket.

  • Adds 15mm LWS rod support when using 100, 104, 110, & 114mm Frame Safe Clamp Adapters
  • Includes 100-114mm extension (B1235.1021) & 15mm LWS bracket (B1235.1002)
  • Compatible with Misfit Kick (Mk I & II), 360, Prodigy Air Deflector or ARRI LMB 4×5



1x (B1235.1002) 15mm LWS Support Bracket (Misfit Kick)

1x (B1235.1021) 15mm LWS Support Extension (100 – 114mm clamps)

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Each Frame Safe Clamp Adapter is configurable for fixed rod support. Depending on the clamp adapter size, you may require a support extension that attaches the clamp adapter to the 15mm LWS support bracket.

100, 104, 110 & 114mm Clamp Adapters

This support extension is designed for the 100, 104, 110 & 114mm Frame Safe Clamp Adapters and attaches using two screws.

The support extensions are height adjustable and set on a guided track. Raising and lowering the extension sets the height position of the matte box and is secured using the set screw.

15mm LWS Support Bracket

The 15mm LWS Support Bracket (B1235.1002) attaches to the bottom of the extensions using the two captive screws on the support bracket.

Compatible Matte Boxes

The extension is compatible with a range of matte boxes including the Misfit Kick (Mk I & II), 360, Prodigy Air Deflector or ARRI LMB 4×5 when combined with our Frame Safe clamp adapters.

Made in the UK

It is built from precision cut and anodised from aluminium.


  • Weight: 0,02 kg
  • Dimensions: 4,4 × 2,1 × 1,6 cm
  • Matte Box Compatibility:
    • Misfit Kick Mk II
    • Misfit Kick 360 Mk II
    • Misfit Kick Mk I
    • Misfit Kick 360 Mk I


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Bright Tangerine – 15mm LWS Support Kit (100-114mm)