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Bright Tangerine – 114 – 95mm Clamp on Ring

NEW Cond.



Step up lenses of different diameters to a 114mm front diameter. 114mm rings are suitable for matte boxes with a 114mm outer diameter.


  • Constructed from high-grade Delrin to stay light while offering maximum clamping force
  • Z-cuts prevent light leakage while offering a secure fit.
  • Suitable for matte boxes & clamp adapters with 114mm clamp
  • ENG versions have front lip removed for broadcast lens compatibility

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Clip your matte box onto lenses with different outer diameters using clamp-on rings. These rings have an outer diameter of 114mm with an inner diameter ranging from 80mm to 110mm.

High-grade Delrin

Rather than using plastic injection moulding, we choose to construct our rings from high-grade Delrin, this ensures dimensional accuracy and maximum clamping force while staying lightweight.

Light Protection

To protect the image from light leaks, all of our clamp-on rings feature our Z-cut design. This allows the ring to clamp tightly onto the lens while maintaining a complete light seal for the lens.

ENG Broadcast Ready

The ENG variations of the clamp-on rings remove the front lip which allows the matte box to slide further down on the lens.


  • Weight: 0,02kg
  • Dimensions: 11,4 × 11,4 × 1,4 cm
  • Donut Size: 114-95mm
  • Donut Outer Size: 114mm
  • Matte Box Compatibility:
    • Misfit Six
    • Misfit Kick Mk II
    • Misfit Kick 360 Mk II
    • Misfit Atom
    • ARRI LMB 4×5
    • ARRI LMB 6×6
    • Misfit Kick Mk I
    • Misfit Kick 360 Mk I
    • Misfit Classic


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Bright Tangerine – 114 – 95mm Clamp on Ring