ARRI – Signature Prime 25/T1.8 M




SP25/T1.8M – front diameter: Ø 114mm
delivered in aluminum case:
K2.0019074 1x ARRI Signature Prime Single Case 18-125

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Technical Data:

  • Lens Mount: LPL
  • Aperture: T1.8-T22
  • MOD from sensor plane: 0.35m / 14″
  • MOD from lens front: 0.13m / 5″
  • Length from flange: 178mm / 7.01″
  • Magnification ratio at MOD: 1:7.1
  • Entrance pupil position: 177.6mm / 7.00″
  • Angle of view (H-V-D): 73.0° / 54.4° / 84.0°
  • Maximum Housing Diameter: 115mm / 4.52″
  • Front diameter: 114mm / 4.49″
  • Weight (lens only): 1.9kg / 4.2lb


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ARRI – Signature Prime 25/T1.8 M