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NEW Cond.

ARRI – Shim Set for ARRI PL Mount (Non LDS lenses)

NEW Cond.



This is a set of shims from ARRI for an PL mount optic like Ultra Prime, Highspeed, Standard an many more with no LDS Mount. Due to the large number of products on the market, it is difficult to say how many other PL mounts can also be adjusted with this.
These shims are used to correct the flange focal distance of the lens mount and can not be used for Camera PL-Mounts.

The set consists of the following items:

  • 1x K5.22075.F – PL Shim 0.0127mm (silver)
  • 1x K5.22075.0 – PL Shim 0.0254mm (blue)
  • 1x K5.22075.A – PL Shim 0.0380mm (red)
  • 1x K5.22075.G – PL Shim 0.0510mm (blue)
  • 1x K5.22075.B – PL Shim 0.0640mm (white)
  • 1x K5.22075.C – PL Shim 0.0760mm (green)
  • 1x K5.22075.D – PL Shim 0.1020mm (orange)
  • 1x K5.22075.E – PL Shim 0.1270mm (lilac)

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ARRI – Shim Set for ARRI PL Mount (Non LDS lenses)