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ARRI – Optical Universal Viewfinder OVF-1 (USED) K2.72048.0




Bright, high contrast optical viewfinder OVF-1 for ALEXA Studio, XT Studio and SXT
Studio for through-the-lens viewing with low distortion, accurate color fidelity and
no delay. Rotates to left and right of camera body and telescopes closer/farther
from camera body. Automatically keeps an upright image with an optional manual
image rotation.
Includes a flip in ND 0.6 contrast filter and de-squeeze optics for 2x anamorphic
lenses (1.3x de-squeeze module also available).
Includes Basic Insert Module BIM-1 (K4.72319.0) for RGB frameglow.
Includes camera port cover. Compatible with 8x and 10x 435 eyepieces, 435
eyepiece extensions and all ARRIFLEX and ARRICAM heated eyecups. With the
optional ARRICAM Eyepiece Adapter AEA-1 (K2.72049.0), the OVF-1 can accept the
8x ARRICAM Studio eyepiece or ARRICAM Studio Viewfinder Extension Medium. Not
compatible with ARRICAM Studio Anamorphic Extension, ARRICAM Studio
Viewfinder Zoom Extension and Lite Universal Eyepiece (K4.52734.0). Eyepiece not
included. ALEXA Studio ground glasses and frameglow holders are compatible to
the ARRICAM system, but only ALEXA Studio ground glasses and glow masks
provide exact alignment of framelines and captured frame.
The OVF-1 can be replaced with the ALEXA Electronic Viewfinder EVF-1 by using the
Electronic Viewfinder Set for ALEXA Studio (K0.71220.0).

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ARRI – Optical Universal Viewfinder OVF-1 (USED) K2.72048.0