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ARRI – MMB-2 Mini Matte Box SET (USED)




ARRI Mini Matte Box MMB-2 Set with many acessories:

K2.66169.0 1x MMB-2 Basic Module double 4×5,65in
K2.66133.0 2x LMB F4 Filter Frame 4×5.65in/4x4in
K2.66127.0 1x Console 15mm MMB-2
K2.66093.0 1x Top Flag for MMB-1/MMB-2
K2.66150.0 1x Side Flag left
K2.66148.0 1x Side Flag right
K2.66134.0 2x Side Flag Holder
K2.66149.0 1x Reduction/Clamp-On Ring 110mm, Cooke S4
K2.66146.0 1x Reduction/Clamp-On Ring 104mm,UP LDS
K2.66147.0 1x Reduction/Clamp-On Ring 95mm, UP
K2.66190.0 1x Reduction/Clamp-On Ring 87mm
K2.66160.0 1x Reduction/Clamp-On Ring 80mm
K2.66156.0 1x Connection Ring flexible 52
K2.66157.0 1x Connection Ring flexible 58
K2.66154.0 1x Connection Ring flexible 62
K2.66152.0 1x Connection Ring flexible 67
K2.66153.0 1x Connection Ring Flexible 72
K2.66151.0 1x Connection Ring flexible 77
K2.66155.0 1x Connection Ring flexible 82

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ARRI – MMB-2 Mini Matte Box SET (USED)