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ARRI – Master Grip Zoom Set 3rd-Party Cameras (USED)




ARRI – Master Grip Zoom Set 3rd-Party Cameras (USED): K0.0013092

Pre-configured set with Master Grips and accessories, suitable for controlling zoom lenses on 3rd-party cameras.


  • K2.0009493 1x Master Grip Right Rocker MRR-1
  • K2.0009363 1x Master Grip Left Wheel MLW-1
  • K2.0012911 2x Handgrip Extension 160mm
  • K2.0012921 2x Cable Clip 15mm
  • K2.47136.0 1x Extension Tube for Handgrip
  • K2.0008630 1x LCUBE CUB-1
  • K2.0010681 1x LCUBE CUB-2
  • K2.0009620 2x LCUBE Bracket
  • K2.0013040 1x Cable LBUS (angled) – LBUS (angled) (0.6m/1.9ft)
  • K2.0012631 1x Cable SERIAL (7p) – F5/55 (0.4m/1.3ft)
  • K2.0012632 1x Cable SERIAL (7p) – RED (0.4m/1.3ft)
  • K2.0012633 1x Cable SERIAL (7p) – LANC (0.4m/1.3ft)
  • K2.0013194 1x Cable LENS/ENG (12p) – Hirose (12p)
  • K2.0012965 1x Master Grip Case

Note: cforce motors, respective LBUS cables, ENG lens cable and 15mm rods/supporting hardware not included!

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ARRI – Master Grip Zoom Set 3rd-Party Cameras (USED)