ARRI – CODEX HS Media Bundle





  • 3x K2.0023447 CODEX Compact Drive 2TB (CB16-2048)
  • 1x K2.0034320 CODEX Compact Drive Dock (TB3)

Note: For additional details on the components of this set, please see the individual price list items, or have a look here for media info or here for infos for the Compact Drive Dock.

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The CODEX High Speed Media Bundle offers best performance at a good price. It is recommended when you put together a new camera setup. The set comes with three 2 TB Compact Drives in their individual protective case and a Thunderbolt 3 Compact Drive Dock.
Three drives is a good basic kit, as it allows you to shoot on the first drive with the second ready and waiting to be loaded while the third drive is being offloaded. The Thunderbolt Dock is a fast transfer unit and is recommended for anyone on an intensive shooting schedule. The 2TB Compact Drive offers more recording capacity and higher write speed, particularly for ARRIRAW recording on the ALEXA 35. An ALEXA Mini LF cannot reach higher frame rates with a 2TB Drive.


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ARRI – CODEX HS Media Bundle