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Extensive ALEXA LF package with pretty much everything you need. The camera has always been well maintained and has few operating hours. The camera is currently still with our customer, but can be sent to us at any time.

  • 1 ARRI ALEXA LF (650 Hours)
  • 1 ALEXA LF LPL Mount PL Adapter
  • 1 Center Handle CCH-1
  • 1 Handle Extension Block HEB-2
  • 1 V-Mount BatteryAdaptor
  • 1 High Current Hot Swap Bebob ML-120V7V-HL
  • 1 Battery Adaptor Back BAB HV
  • 1 Bridge Plate BP-12 19mm Rods
  • 1 Shoulder Pad ALEXA SP-4
  • 1 ARRI Levelling Block LB-1
  • 1 ARRI Bridge Plate Adaptor BPA-2
  • 1 ARRI Wedge Adaptor WA-1
  • 1 Viewfinder Mounting Bracket VMB-3
  • 1 Viewfinder Cable KC-150 (short)
  • 1 Viewfinder Cable KC-151 (medium)
  • 1 ALEXA Accessory Cable 2-pin LEMO
  • 1 ARRI ALEXA LMS-3 Lowmode Support
  • 3 LMS-3 Feet
  • 1 CODEX SXR Adapter CDX-SXRA
  • 1 Codex SxS Adapter 2
  • 1 CODEX SXR Capture Drive CDX-37019 1TB
  • 1 CODEX SXR Capture Drive CDX-37019 1TB
  • 1 CODEX SXR Capture Drive CDX-37019 1TB
  • 1 CODEX SXR Capture Drive CDX-37019 1TB
  • 1 CODEX Capture Drivr Reader CDX-75014
  • 1 Power Adaptor + Power Cable (Mickey Mouse!)
  • 3 ARRI WVR-1
  • 15 Antennas
  • 1 3/8” Thread Adapter
  • 3 ARRI Multi Interface Adapter MIA-1
  • 1 ARRI Battery Adapter V-Mount BAV-1
  • 1 ARRI Battery Adapter V-Mount BAV-1
  • 1 A RI Battery Adapter V-Mount BAL-1
  • 2 WVR-1 Cable Fi f3p – Lem2p
  • 2 ARRI Power Adapter RPS-1 + Cable
  • 2 Cable USB A > USB Mini
  • 1 Manual

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