ARRI – ALEXA 35 Production Set (19mm Studio) (Ex-Demo)




The Set is including the following:

  • 1x K1.0039373 ALEXA 35 camera body
  • 1x 10.0043678 ALEXA 35 Cine License
  • 1x K2.0018983 ARRI LPL Mount (LBUS)
  • 1x K2.0016936 ARRI PL-to-LPL Adapter
  • 1x K2.0034180 Balance Utility Dovetail BUD-1
  • 1x K2.0023751 B-Mount Battery Adapter
  • 1x K2.0020916 Multi Viewfinder MVF-2
  • 2x K2.0042857 Cable VF Right Angle (0.5m/1.5ft)
  • 1x K2.75007.0 Camera Power Cable Straight 2m/6.6in KC-50
  • 1x K2.0024101 Power Distribution Module PDM-1
  • 1x KK.0041533 Production Support Set – Top
  • 1x KK.0041534 Production Support Set – Side
  • 1x KK.0041535 Production Support Set – Bottom (19mm)


This set does not include recording media, media dock/reader, batteries or lenses, which should be ordered separately.

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The ALEXA 35 Production Set is a camera and support system package that has been designed to suit the workflow of a traditional camera department. This set contains an ALEXA 35 camera with LPL Mount (LBUS), PL-to-LPL Adapter, MVF-2 viewfinder, Power Distribution Module PDM-1 and an ALEXA 35 Cine License (ARRIRAW and Open-Gate-width recording formats).

Both lightweight 15 mm and studio 19 mm rod standards are supported on the improved CBP-5 bridge plate and shoulder pad. New accessories such as the full-size Center Camera Handle CCH-5 and extendable Viewfinder Mounting Bracket VMB-5 offer rock-solid support and rapid reconfiguration possibilities on set.


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ARRI – ALEXA 35 Production Set (19mm Studio) (Ex-Demo)